Peregrine City

Nestled in scenic Peregrine Valley, Peregrine City is the capital and largest city in Jefferson and one of the largest metropolises in the United States. With convenient rail access and a natural harbor it is a hub of shipping, trade, and manufacturing. It is the home to two major (rival) universities, Peregrine City University and Jefferson State University.

The Dark Side of Peregrine

All cities have a magic to them, from the moment their inhabitants stop viewing them as just a collection of houses and see them as their home. There is something very dark about Peregrine's magic. The magical community has not reached any consensus about the nature of this problem, whether it is a convergence of bad ley lines, a great atrocity was committed at its center, or the magic has been deliberately polluted since its inception, but they can confirm that Peregrine breeds a special kind of evil, and that its lure attracts the worst of the worst.

This doesn't just manifest as a strangely high crime rate, but also a special perversity and deeply rooted corruption. Since they days it was merely the Peregrine Valley Outpost, its vigilante problem has been of a remarkably dark breed.

Peregrine City

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