Rogue Valley Mining Disaster

In 1991, the government evacuated Rogue Valley and declared vast swaths of it under quarantine. The reason given was that miners had uncovered a previously unknown and highly volatile compound that had subsequently gone critical. While eventually parts of the valley were made accessible, large portions are still quarantined and under guard.

Conspiracy nuts have made the disaster a central part of their theories for years, and it occupies a place in popular culture as a result. The government has still failed to explain the compound allegedly uncovered and a number of groups have actually taken credit for the disaster (Hel's Chosen among them).

In the years since the event, the valley has undergone strange transformations. The existing hardwood forests have grown explosively, and parts of the valley that had been clearcut look like old growth forest. The inhabited parts of the valley that don't receive proper upkeep look overgrown, even maintained roads have weeds sprouting through numerous cracks. What locals remain live largely in poverty and have learned to live with the greenery. Rumors of strange beasts in the cordoned off areas abound.

The interstate and railways are still functional, although trains moving through are considered to be under high risk of robbery.

Rogue Valley Mining Disaster

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